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ICEM Terminology

Alias Terminology

Control Point (CP)=Control Vertex (CV)
Curve=Curve can be single or multiple spans
Curve Segment=Single-Span Curve
Blend=Blend Curve
Edge control point =Hulls
Trim=Trim Convert
Patch=Single span surface
Surface=Multi span surface
Order=Degree + 1
Raw Data=Similar to Poly-line
Scan lines =Poly-lines
Cloud points=Cloud points
Iso-Curve =Curve
Facet=Tessellated Cloud, Polygon or Mesh
Centre of plane (In Dynamic transf) =Pivot Point
Rotate (Attach point) =Pivot Point

Choosing the Control Point Style

Changing the Control Point style

Drawing quality

Changing the Draw Precision to control the smoothness of line display on the screen

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